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The “heritage” Lacrosse Award Plaque

The “Heritage” award plaque is featured for sale by numerous online retailers for the Christmas shopping season. The large 6 inch x 4 inch x 4mm plaque features artwork showing two Native American lacrosse players in bold 3D on a 2D landscape. “We wanted to create a product that pays respect to the game’s Native American heritage, that was significant in size and design, and that could be affordable to anyone.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “The only other way to get a piece of lacrosse art like our Heritage plaque is to win the Tewaaraton Award presented to the best collegiate lacrosse players in the nation each year. Rogers comments to the reporter, jokingly with a big smile. “But seriously, to present this piece to any lacrosse fan or player is something special and it is something that will be cherished for a lifetime. I keep only one of our products in my office and this is positioned on my desk so it reminds me of the special history and proud tradition of the game. I am proud to be able to provide such a great product to lacrosse fans around the world to pay homage to the sport’s Native American roots.



Lacrosse medals, lacrosse awards, lacrosse trophies, lacrosse award ideas, custom medals, old lacrosse, antique lacrosse, National Lacrosse, lacrosse tournament, lacrosse champions, US Lacrosse, NCAA Lacrosse, High School lacrosse

National Lacrosse Classic Women’s Championship and Finalist Coins is again honored to be part of the National Lacrosse Classic presented by Level 2 Lacrosse. For the women’s championships designed a 4 inch x 3 inch coin for presentation to the tournament’s finalists and champions. “My mission to the design team is simple for all of our medals; make me and the client go “wow”. And I think we nailed it with this one.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “The artwork captures the intensity and grace of the female lacrosse player I am sure any lacrosse player would appreciate this medal. The National Lacrosse Classic is the nation’s premier high school recruiting showcase and we are proud to be a part of it.” 






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The 2013 Dick’s Lone Star Lacrosse Shootout Championship Cup and Medals

Lacrosse once had to only worry about the occasional storm in the Spring to interrupt play but as the sport has expanded into the later seasons the risk of encountering cold wintry weather has become a constant worry for tournament directors. An usually early cold front sweeping the United States has unfortunately affected our partner’s event down in Dallas cancelling all games today. We are hoping for clear skies so the competition can be completed for your friends. Hang in there Dallas Lacrosse!


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2014 Brogden Cup presented by Level 2 Sports

Laxmedals is proud to have begun production of the 2014 Brogden Cup Lacrosse Championship award medals. The medals will feature the Laxmedals classic “Traditions” artwork with a custom event lanyard. The Brogden Cup is presented by Level 2 Sports, LLC located in Owings Mills, Maryland.

The Brogden Cup is an historical and meaningful lacrosse event promoting international fellowship between the United States of America and Canada and is a preview of the top U19 lacrosse players in North America . The three-game Brogden Cup series named for H. McCullough Brogden, who was a member of the 1932 and 1933 Johns Hopkins University teams and the 1932 Olympic team.  “To be asked to be part of such a prestigious event between the world’s great lacrosse super powers is an honor.”  Says Mike Rogers, President of “Level 2 Sports continues to take lacrosse in new and exciting directions and produces the finest lacrosse events. To just be even a small part of their program is exciting for and I think a testament to our product quality.”

In addition to the Brogden Cup, Level 2 Sports hosts the annual National Lacrosse Classic the nation’s premier lacrosse recruiting showcase. Entering it’s 7th year, the 2014 Brine National Lacrosse Classic and Brine National All Star Lacrosse Academy bring together the finest players and coaches offering extreme competition and exposure to the next level of the sport. Information on registration for the 2014 regional team tryouts can be found by visiting the link below. For more information on Level 2 Sports and the Brogden cup please visit

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The Laxmedals “Traditions” medal. Embodying the spirit of the Native American heritage of the game of Lacrosse.


Image is pleased to announce it has a confirmed order from its new tournament partner, The Orlando Lacrosse Open. The 3rd Annual Orlando Open will be held on December 14-15, 2013 at the University of Central Florida’s Intramural Fields.  30+ boys teams from Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville battling it out for the championship in 4 divisions.  The format is 10 v. 10 with a guarantee of 5 games. Visit their website for more information:

Thank you Orlando Lacrosse Open!  You definitely have the MEDAL of a lacrosse CHAMPION!


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New lacrosse award plaques for 2014 has released art proofs for a new series of lacrosse award plaques in 2014. A plaque for boys and girls was created and features the ability for each plaque front to be customized with a players name or event information in up to 3 lines of engraving. The plaques will measure 3 inches x 5 inches and be a hefty 4mm thick. The artwork is raised 3D art on a bed of recessed sand blasted texture effect. “There was a constant demand for economical awards featuring our unique brand of 3D lacrosse art, which could in some way could each be customized for a particular player or event.” Reported Mike Rogers, President of “We have created two fantastic lacrosse awards with some 3D art I know any lacrosse player will be able to identify with and value. And, now we can create a custom engraved plaque on each award that is placed on the front. The plaques will rest on a small acrylic stand for display. I think this will be one of our more popular lacrosse medal awards in the coming year.” The new award plaques will make their first public appearance at the 2014 US Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia, PA on January 10, 2014. The Laxmedals booth is number 643 located in the middle of the expo hall.


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2013 NAMLA Turkey Shoot Lacrosse Medal is proud to once again partner up with The North American Minor League Lacrosse Association (NAMLA) to create a special Thanksgiving themed medal for their annual Turkey Shoot Lacrosse Tournament. NAMLA was established in 2004 and is comprised of lacrosse organizations that represent the Iroquois Native American communities of Allegany, Newtown, Tuscarora, Tonawanda, and Onondaga, whose participants are predominantly Haudenosaunee, but not exclusively as youth from all backgrounds are invited and do participate. “To be a part of the Iroquois lacrosse community is something beyond words can describe.” Says president Mike Rogers. “Having played the game myself and to now try to capture the spirit of the game of lacrosse in my medals…I think being associated with the people who created the game in any way is an honor. It is their game. I am humbled to be a part of it.”


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2013 COPENHAGEN CUP LACROSSE MEDAL is proud to include the Copenhagen Cup, the Danish National Championship, to its growing list of international partners. A special medal representative of the rich heritage of the Danish people was designed for the participants of the tournament held in Copenhagen. The directors of the Danish Lacrosse Union discovered Laxmedals at the 2013 US Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia and Laxmedals pledged its support. Watch out lacrosse world the Danish program is on its way and they definitely have the medal of a lacrosse champion!




My latest find is the medal shown above was created for the 1906 annual convention of the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks (B.P.O.E) fraternal organization. The collector actually had 2 of these very rare medals and I purchased both. The La Crosse, Wisconsin delegates of the B.P.O.E chose to feature the game of lacrosse on their convention badges because their native city was named after a sporting contest that used sticks and a ball the nearby native inhabitants were playing. According to the La Crosse, Wisconsin history records, the city’s name was derived from “…the game with sticks that resembled a bishop’s crocier, or la crosse, in French, which was played by Native Americans in the vicinity.”  The sport created by Native Americans we all now know as, Lacrosse. 

This is truly one of the most unique and obscure vintage lacrosse medal I have found to date, which features a very big and beautiful elks head pin above the lacrosse motif badge. The scene of men playing lacrosse is interesting in that the sticks are relevant to the origins of the game and the figures appear to be Native Americans, or so I am guessing with their bare chests, long leather stitched pants, and braided hair.  The medal was produced by the Scwaab Stamp & Seal Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The company was founded in 1881 and still exists in Milwaukee making rubber stamp and embossing tools.

My passion for lacrosse medals not only rests in the medals I design for the current game of lacrosse…I seek out and collect vintage lacrosse medals.

The whole idea of creating originated from my wanting to recreate the quality and uniqueness of old lacrosse medals just like the ones you see below. My first vintage lacrosse medals were presented to me by Douglas H. Stone M.D. A graduate of Friends School of Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University. Douglas was a member of the 1932 Hopkins Lacrosse team, which participated in the Olympic Games exhibition in Los Angeles, California. (no I do not have a medal from this event that might have been presented to this team by the Olympic Committee, the Holy Grail of all Lacrosse medals I would assume…) After graduating JHU medical school in 1937, Douglas began practicing as a surgeon and when war came in 1941 Dr. Stone and his colleagues were called upon to establish mobile surgical hospitals for the Army. Dr. Stone eventually landed with the third wave of infantry on the D-Day beaches in Normandy, France in the evening of June 6, 1944. He and his unit began saving lives for endless days and nights under constant enemy fire. His unit served through to the end of the war constantly on the front lines and on a few occasions behind the enemy lines. I was fortunate to have met Douglass before his passing and include his wartime stories in my book, Answering Their Country’s Call: Marylanders in the Second World War (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2003)

On the occasion of our last conversation in the summer of 2002, Douglass said he was sending me some things he didn’t know what else to with. I received a package a couple weeks later from his wife, Essie, sadly along with a letter informing me Douglas had passed away a week prior. But, following through on his wishes she sent me the box he had prepared to send me. To my disbelief, inside the box I found several vintage medals featuring the game of Lacrosse. I was truly touched to have been the recipient of something so personal belonging to someone I admired so much. Thinking back, we had chatted briefly about my lacrosse playing days at Rutgers during our interviews for the book and I guess he figured I would appreciate his medals. I surely did appreciate the medals and still have them in a frame over my desk.

My collection has grown to about dozen vintage medals dating from the late 19th Century to the 1950′s. I really enjoy researching the history behind each medal and there is always something to learn about the history of the game. I often wonder what reaction players of old would have to see the modern game…to see the result of their passions in keeping the game alive through the years. And before I began this collection I never would have ever imagined they even made lacrosse medals back in the 1890′s!

Douglas stone and his lacrosse medals are my inspiration for collecting vintage lacrosse medals and are the genesis for the creation of I thought I would have appreciated receiving award medals like his during my playing days, and I was sure others would too. Since my creation of, I have been proven right a thousand times over from all the smiles I see on the faces of the kids and grown adults receiving my medals. I am proud to have met and known Douglas Stone and to share a part of his life with you, the story of a real hero. I hope the story of his life and his lacrosse medals inspire you as they continue to inspire me.

Please visit this link to view photos of my collection and read about some of the history behind each medal