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LAXMEDALS.COM LACROSSE REFEREE FLIP COIN is pleased to present the new 2019 Lacrosse officials referee flip coin. is the premier provider of custom lacrosse referee flip coins and lacrosse official toss coins. can offer one of its own stock lacrosse referee flip coins or you can design your own custom lacrosse flip coin.

This custom lacrosse referee coin measures 1.5″ across and is a hefty 3mm thick. The core is brass with a polished lustrous gold finish. The front of the coin features a native american warrior “heads” with the traditional words, “HONOR THE GAME.” One the reverse all of the united Iroquois tribes are around the edge with the date of their union of 1722 between two classic lacrosse sticks. “We were constantly being asked if we had an attractive stock flip coin for our lacrosse referees and we finally got around to making the best lacrosse coin available.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “This coin is not only beautiful it honors the founders of the game and is a definitely interesting coin to share with others and note the history of the game. I hope it is used before thousands of lacrosse games around the world.” is the medal of champions around the world. We strive to uphold our mission to be the premier provider of quality and affordable sports, corporate, and military awards. began its business with a simple goal of becoming the leading provider of the finest and most original lacrosse awards. Laxmedals has since proven itself an innovator in the custom design and manufacture of lacrosse recognition lacrosse awards including lacrosse medals, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse coins, and lacrosse trophies. While building a first-class reputation in lacrosse award design, was called upon to design custom award medals for other sports including soccer medals, football medals, baseball medals, swimming medals, and volleyball medals. Laxmedals also provides services for corporate and business recognition awards. We proudly support our armed services by designing custom challenge coins and military style dogtags for veteran organizations and fund raising events.

Since 2011, has designed hundreds of unique and inspiring sports award medals, coins, plaques, and trophies to be presented to deserving champions and around the world

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 MVP Plaques – Sure to Impress! MVP plaques are beautiful presentation pieces to recognize your lacrosse champions!  We use only Made in the USA solid handmade wood plaques made from Virginian Walnut, we then apply our special trademarked 3D art lacrosse medallions in a large 5-inch format. Finally, a full color custom printed plate is added to complete this special presentation piece. Plan ahead these beauties require a little time for production and retail for only $39.99 plus shipping.  There is no substitute for quality and value. – Where Passion for Lacrosse is Forged into Medals.





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The Heritage Plaque specializes in providing the most unique, quality, affordable lacrosse awards. There is no substitute for those special lacrosse awards to acknowledge great play on the field or great contributions by team supporters. Contact today to learn more about our exciting products and what is in store for 2017!  Please email:




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Laxmedals has been selected to provide the awards for the 2015 Federation of International Lacrosse Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Syracuse, NY. “To again be selected to provide the championship awards for such a prestigious event is truly an honor.” Reports Mike Rogers, President of “The best indoor lacrosse players in the world will take home our Laxmedals medals, plaques, and glass trophies we are always thrilled to see them in the hands of the world’s best lacrosse players.”

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Denver Lacrosse, NCAA Lacrosse, Lacrosse awards, lacrosse championships, bill tierney, princeton lacrosse, college lacrosse, lacrosse medals, mens lacrosse championship, denver university lacrosse, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse specialties, buy lacrosse awards, custom medal was again selected by the Federation of International Lacrosse to provide award medals for the FIL U-19 Women’s Lacrosse Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland. “To continue to work with the FIL and provide a quality product to be presented to the world’s finest women lacrosse players is an honor.” Reports Mike Rogers, President of “Laxmedals are the medal of lacrosse champions and there is no higher level of presentation than at the FIL games. It’s an honor to be a part of these events.”, Where Passion for Lacrosse is Forged into Medals







Denver Lacrosse, NCAA Lacrosse, Lacrosse awards, lacrosse championships, bill tierney, princeton lacrosse, college lacrosse, lacrosse medals, mens lacrosse championship, denver university lacrosse, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse specialties, but lacrosse awards, custom medals is pleased to present a championship lacrosse award plaque to Denver University Lacrosse Coach, Bill Tierney. The plaque presented to Coach Tierney is the Heritage Plaque.

“There is no doubt that Coach Tierney is in a class all by himself now having won a record 7 Collegiate National Lacrosse Championships.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “My Rutgers team played his first Princeton team and the difference in just one year after his taking over the program was outstanding. Now, he has taken a new western program (Denver) from obscurity and dominates the lacrosse giants back east. What a great coach, and man, we lacrosse fans are privileged to be watching history in the making led by this lacrosse legend” 

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MATSPLOSION is pleased to announce its partnership with Level 2 Sports and the Matsplosion national wrestling championships. “When you have a great product and great reputation in creating the best award medals we are asked to do more than our original lacrosse style medals.”  Reports Mike Rogers, President of

“Level 2 Sports is a leader is sports management for youth lacrosse and wrestling and to be called upon each year to design their award medals is an honor. I think this one was well received by the participants.”

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