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LAXMEDALS.COM LACROSSE REFEREE FLIP COIN is pleased to present the new 2019 Lacrosse officials referee flip coin. is the premier provider of custom lacrosse referee flip coins and lacrosse official toss coins. can offer one of its own stock lacrosse referee flip coins or you can design your own custom lacrosse flip coin.

This custom lacrosse referee coin measures 1.5″ across and is a hefty 3mm thick. The core is brass with a polished lustrous gold finish. The front of the coin features a native american warrior “heads” with the traditional words, “HONOR THE GAME.” One the reverse all of the united Iroquois tribes are around the edge with the date of their union of 1722 between two classic lacrosse sticks. “We were constantly being asked if we had an attractive stock flip coin for our lacrosse referees and we finally got around to making the best lacrosse coin available.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “This coin is not only beautiful it honors the founders of the game and is a definitely interesting coin to share with others and note the history of the game. I hope it is used before thousands of lacrosse games around the world.” is the medal of champions around the world. We strive to uphold our mission to be the premier provider of quality and affordable sports, corporate, and military awards. began its business with a simple goal of becoming the leading provider of the finest and most original lacrosse awards. Laxmedals has since proven itself an innovator in the custom design and manufacture of lacrosse recognition lacrosse awards including lacrosse medals, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse coins, and lacrosse trophies. While building a first-class reputation in lacrosse award design, was called upon to design custom award medals for other sports including soccer medals, football medals, baseball medals, swimming medals, and volleyball medals. Laxmedals also provides services for corporate and business recognition awards. We proudly support our armed services by designing custom challenge coins and military style dogtags for veteran organizations and fund raising events.

Since 2011, has designed hundreds of unique and inspiring sports award medals, coins, plaques, and trophies to be presented to deserving champions and around the world

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