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DO YOU HAVE THE MEDAL OF A CHAMPION? is the medal of champions around the world. We strive to uphold our mission to be the premier provider of quality and affordable sports, corporate, and military awards. began its business with a simple goal of becoming the leading provider of the finest and most original lacrosse awards. Laxmedals has since proven itself an innovator in the custom design and manufacture of lacrosse recognition lacrosse awards including lacrosse medals, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse coins, and lacrosse trophies. While building a first-class reputation in lacrosse award design, was called upon to design custom award medals for other sports including soccer medals, football medals, baseball medals, swimming medals, and volleyball medals. Laxmedals also provides services for corporate and business recognition awards. We proudly support our armed services by designing custom challenge coins and military style dogtags for veteran organizations and fund raising events.

Since 2011, has designed hundreds of unique and inspiring sports award medals, coins, plaques, and trophies to be presented to deserving champions and around the world.

On behalf of the team, I wish to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Mike Rogers, President.

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Mike Rogers, President



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LAXMEDALS.COM CUSTOM COINS AND MEDALS, the world’s premier provider of custom coins, medals, plaques, and trophies, announces it will be attending the 2019 US lacrosse convention in Philadelphia, PA on January 11, 2019. “We are looking forward to seeing a lot of our clients and friends in Philadelphia, PA.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “We have a neat hand out this year, a key fob featuring a mythical Native American lacrosse creature I think our lacrosse fans will love. Hope to see you all there!” 

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Laxmedals, lacrosse, lacrosse recognition, lacrosse awards, lacrosse medals, lacrosse plaques, buy lacrosse awards, buy lacrosse medals, buy lacrosse trophies, Lacrosse award ideas, award ideas lacrosse, lacrosse specialties Glass Lacrosse Award Trophies custom lacrosse awards and trophies include their trademarked line of custom lacrosse glass awards. “The glass award lacrosse trophies are head and shoulders above the competition because we have a method of embedding our trademarked 3D lacrosse art into the heart of the glass giving the awards a very rich and dynamic appearance.” Reported Mike Rogers, President of “For generally the same price most competitors can crank out a cheap plastic award without 3D graphics, we can provide a full glass lacrosse trophy worthy of the achievement being recognized. Another example of how is forging ahead filling the void for quality and unique lacrosse awards sought after by today’s lacrosse fans.” 

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May 17, 2018. Baltimore, Maryland. is pleased to announce it was recognized and honored by the National American Indian Historical Congress Foundation for its work in helping to preserve the history of the Native American origins of the game of lacrosse through its numerous original and trademarked American Indian Art pieces. “To be found and then recognized as in some small way contributing to the preservation of American and Native American Indian history is an unexpected and tremendous honor for the team” Commented Michael Rogers, President of “We create our lacrosse awards to best capture the history and feeling of the game of lacrosse so many of us share inside having grew up playing lacrosse and spent a lifetime cherishing the relationships and history of the game. Again, its just an overwhelming honor to know what we are doing here at is being noticed and appreciated on many levels.”

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Laxmedals, buy lacrosse awards, Best lacrosse awards, lacrosse awards, lacrosse medals, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse trophies, lacrosse flip coins, Lacrosse challenge coins, Lax awards, lacrosse champions Girls All-Star Stock Medals shown in gold and silver with optional recessed enamel fill., the premier design and manufacturing company for lacrosse medals and awards, has updated its stock inventory with the new Girls All-Star medallion. “We received many inquiries for medals featuring our trademarked 3D lacrosse art that are available for purchase without going down the full custom design route.” Reported Mike Rogers, President of “We developed two new stock medals, one each for the boys and girls, that are beautiful 3D art medallions, which can be customized by the customer with custom lanyards, enamel fill colors on front, and laser engraving or enamel print on the reverse. The response has been really beyond my expectations, we have sold over 5,000 of the new stock All-Star medals in the first 6 months of 2018 alone. Given the response to this first batch of new generation stock medals, we are already looking to add additional 3D art stock medals to our inventory in 2019 plus some new 3D art plaque medallions.”

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LAXMEDALS.COM AND LMYL TEAM UP FOR SPECIAL PLAQUE AWARDS has been selected  by the NY LMYL lacrosse club to provide its MVP lacrosse plaque awards to 28 of its special participants in 2018. The Boys All-Star and Girls All-Star plaques will be presented to the recipients of the Irene Byrne Ohl Honor the Game Award. “The LMYL lacrosse league is one of the nations premier lacrosse development programs in the nation, and to be a part of it the past few years has been an honor for” Stated Mike Rogers, President of “The MVP plaques are some of my favorites.  The 3D art is an excellent representation of the modern game of lacrosse and the kids just think they are so cool…its so much fun to see them smile when presented with our plaques” 

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The Girls MVP Lacrosse Award Plaque

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The Boys MVP lacrosse award plaque.

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