MVP Plaques – Sure to Impress! MVP plaques are beautiful presentation pieces to recognize your lacrosse champions!  We use only Made in the USA solid handmade wood plaques made from Virginian Walnut, we then apply our special trademarked 3D art lacrosse medallions in a large 5-inch format. Finally, a full color custom printed plate is added to complete this special presentation piece. Plan ahead these beauties require a little time for production and retail for only $39.99 plus shipping.  There is no substitute for quality and value. – Where Passion for Lacrosse is Forged into Medals.






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2014 US LACROSSE LAXMEDALS.COM MEDAL CONCEPTS has presented the US Lacrosse Foundation with a proposal for the 2014 US Lacrosse regional championship series. “ has always been a supporter of the US Lacrosse events and hopes to continue the partnership in 2014.”  Says Mike Rogers, president of Rogers is hopeful the US Lacrosse event staff will chose its designs among a large pool of competitive submissions. “Everyone would love to be the supplier of award medals to US Lacrosse. They are the governing body of the sport of lacrosse and the exposure of our products to the lacrosse community through US Lacrosse is unmatched. I honestly do not think anyone could beat our medal designs for 2014 they will be tight and of course we take extraordinary measures to ensure our products are provided to US Lacrosse at the best value. Our relationship with US Lacrosse is extremely important to our mission.”

Laxmedals will be exhibiting at the upcoming US Lacrosse convention in Philadelphia January 10th and 11th booth 643.


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The “heritage” Lacrosse Award Plaque

The “Heritage” award plaque is featured for sale by numerous online retailers for the Christmas shopping season. The large 6 inch x 4 inch x 4mm plaque features artwork showing two Native American lacrosse players in bold 3D on a 2D landscape. “We wanted to create a product that pays respect to the game’s Native American heritage, that was significant in size and design, and that could be affordable to anyone.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “The only other way to get a piece of lacrosse art like our Heritage plaque is to win the Tewaaraton Award presented to the best collegiate lacrosse players in the nation each year. Rogers comments to the reporter, jokingly with a big smile. “But seriously, to present this piece to any lacrosse fan or player is something special and it is something that will be cherished for a lifetime. I keep only one of our products in my office and this is positioned on my desk so it reminds me of the special history and proud tradition of the game. I am proud to be able to provide such a great product to lacrosse fans around the world to pay homage to the sport’s Native American roots.


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2013 NAMLA Turkey Shoot Lacrosse Medal is proud to once again partner up with The North American Minor League Lacrosse Association (NAMLA) to create a special Thanksgiving themed medal for their annual Turkey Shoot Lacrosse Tournament. NAMLA was established in 2004 and is comprised of lacrosse organizations that represent the Iroquois Native American communities of Allegany, Newtown, Tuscarora, Tonawanda, and Onondaga, whose participants are predominantly Haudenosaunee, but not exclusively as youth from all backgrounds are invited and do participate. “To be a part of the Iroquois lacrosse community is something beyond words can describe.” Says president Mike Rogers. “Having played the game myself and to now try to capture the spirit of the game of lacrosse in my medals…I think being associated with the people who created the game in any way is an honor. It is their game. I am humbled to be a part of it.” breaks the 250,000 medal mark.

Lacrosse medals, lacrosse awards, lacrosse trophies, lacrosse plaques Where the Passion for Lacrosse is Forged into Medals


With the fall lacrosse tournament medals shipping out, is proud to announce it has now topped the quarter of a million medal mark in only its third year of existence. “It is a benchmark I never could have imagined to make so quickly,” Says founder and President, Mike Rogers. “When I created our first medals for Inside Lacrosse Classic events in the Spring of 2011, only 20 were made but those 20 created enough interest in our product that it has just exploded since.” is based in Baltimore, Maryland and creates unique custom one-of-a-kind award medals for the sport of lacrosse but has recently branched out to serve baseball, volleyball, and soccer events. On the expansion of his customer base, Rogers explains, “Its a testimony to all the great work my artists and factories do day in and day out. People love talking about a great product and I appreciate every client we have partnered with in the past few years. I like to think years from know an old timer will pick up our medals from their drawer and remember their youth playing sports and see the name proudly emblazoned on the reverse.” As the passion for lacrosse continues to spread around the world, it is a safe bet to assume will be forging thousands of more lacrosse medals for athletes in the years to come. is a MW Design Corp. company, which also operates and the recently acquired Far East important company,, which is due to launch in December of 2013. For more information visit their website or call 410-205-9862.