Custom medallions, custom medals, buy medals, find medal maker, custom church medals, award medals, custom award factory, church awards, presentation awards, honor awards, plaque awards, service awards Custom Medallion, the leader in custom sports medals and awards, is pleased to welcome many different types of non-sports organizations including the Diocese of Easton. “Our custom in house design and manufacturing of quality medals and awards is not limited to just our sports clients, we provide awards to many other organizations and events in the non-athletic industries” Said Mike Rogers, President of “In many ways we enjoy meeting new clients from many walks of life outside our usual sports industry work. Creating beautiful and lasting medallions to be presented to deserving people making an impact on others lives is intrinsically gratifying for us all at The Diocese of Easton medallion is a beautiful 4 inch x 6mm medallion in polished silver with inlaid enamel colorings and capped with a smooth epoxy finish making this medallion a really beautiful presentation piece. I hope the recipients will feel as honored in receiving these pieces as we did during the creation process.”

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December 26, 2017., the premier Lacrosse Medal and Award Company, announces the publishing of their new website for 2018. “It’s taken our team a lot of work in creating our amazing products and we needed a website that could illustrate our accomplishments and products for our clients.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “I think the new Laxmedals website meets all of our goals and our clients can click through the site easily to choose from the number of great sports awards we offer from coins, medals, plaques, and trophies. I look forward to seeing it grow even more as we expand our product and our reach around the globe.”

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The Heritage Plaque specializes in providing the most unique, quality, affordable lacrosse awards. There is no substitute for those special lacrosse awards to acknowledge great play on the field or great contributions by team supporters. Contact today to learn more about our exciting products and what is in store for 2017!  Please email:




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Laxmedals has been selected to provide the awards for the 2015 Federation of International Lacrosse Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Syracuse, NY. “To again be selected to provide the championship awards for such a prestigious event is truly an honor.” Reports Mike Rogers, President of “The best indoor lacrosse players in the world will take home our Laxmedals medals, plaques, and glass trophies we are always thrilled to see them in the hands of the world’s best lacrosse players.”

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Denver Lacrosse, NCAA Lacrosse, Lacrosse awards, lacrosse championships, bill tierney, princeton lacrosse, college lacrosse, lacrosse medals, mens lacrosse championship, denver university lacrosse, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse specialties, but lacrosse awards, custom medals and Legacy Sports again teamed up to create new and unique awards for the Nations premier lacrosse recruiting and showcase tournament. “To be partners with Legacy Sports and to continue a great tradition begun by Level 2 Sports is always an honor. We look forward to this event every summer.” Reports Mike Rogers, President of “In addition to the numerous medallions for each participant we create each year, this year we added our new stand up medallions for the championship and runner up contestants. They make a great display for the players to admire on a daily basis of their lacrosse accomplishments.” 

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Denver Lacrosse, NCAA Lacrosse, Lacrosse awards, lacrosse championships, bill tierney, princeton lacrosse, college lacrosse, lacrosse medals, mens lacrosse championship, denver university lacrosse, lacrosse plaques, lacrosse specialties, but lacrosse awards, custom medals is pleased to present a championship lacrosse award plaque to Denver University Lacrosse Coach, Bill Tierney. The plaque presented to Coach Tierney is the Heritage Plaque.

“There is no doubt that Coach Tierney is in a class all by himself now having won a record 7 Collegiate National Lacrosse Championships.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “My Rutgers team played his first Princeton team and the difference in just one year after his taking over the program was outstanding. Now, he has taken a new western program (Denver) from obscurity and dominates the lacrosse giants back east. What a great coach, and man, we lacrosse fans are privileged to be watching history in the making led by this lacrosse legend” 

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