breaks the 250,000 medal mark.

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With the fall lacrosse tournament medals shipping out, is proud to announce it has now topped the quarter of a million medal mark in only its third year of existence. “It is a benchmark I never could have imagined to make so quickly,” Says founder and President, Mike Rogers. “When I created our first medals for Inside Lacrosse Classic events in the Spring of 2011, only 20 were made but those 20 created enough interest in our product that it has just exploded since.” is based in Baltimore, Maryland and creates unique custom one-of-a-kind award medals for the sport of lacrosse but has recently branched out to serve baseball, volleyball, and soccer events. On the expansion of his customer base, Rogers explains, “Its a testimony to all the great work my artists and factories do day in and day out. People love talking about a great product and I appreciate every client we have partnered with in the past few years. I like to think years from know an old timer will pick up our medals from their drawer and remember their youth playing sports and see the name proudly emblazoned on the reverse.” As the passion for lacrosse continues to spread around the world, it is a safe bet to assume will be forging thousands of more lacrosse medals for athletes in the years to come. is a MW Design Corp. company, which also operates and the recently acquired Far East important company,, which is due to launch in December of 2013. For more information visit their website or call 410-205-9862.