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December 31, 2017. was selected to provide the 2017 Brogden Cup championships with its trademarked Traditions award medals. The Brogden Cup is a premier lacrosse event with friendly competitions between US and Canada youth squads. The event is held annually and managed by the National Lacrosse Classic managed by Legacy Global Lacrosse president Joel Franklin.“ is the “go-to” company for premium lacrosse medals and awards.” Says Joel Franklin. “The quality, service, turnaround, options, and pricing is unmatched by others. Thanks to for helping LEGACY Global Sports and NLC to deliver memorable lacrosse experiences.” has been designing the Brogden Cup awards for the past several years. “To be chosen to be a part of this historically significant lacrosse event is always an honor.” Says Mike Rogers, President of “The event has evolved to a major lacrosse event under the guidance of Mr. Franklin and the National Lacrosse Classic organization. We are just thrilled to be a small part having the lacrosse athletes go home with our lacrosse awards.”

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