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Custom military-style ID “dog tags” are a great, fun, and unique team bonding award. We design your dog tags with your team logo and your “mission statement” and can include each players number and name lasered on the reverse. Tags are made from lightweight stainless steel and can include silicon silencers and matching stainless ball chain. Laxmedals offers a basic team package of 35 dog tags, with one enamel printed logo on front, and laser names on the reverse, for only $275. This price includes all set-up and shipping within the USA. (Logos must be provided in PDF/EPS format or additional art services may be required)

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Custom Dog Tags from is proud to present a new product for lacrosse and sports teams. Fully customized military style dog tags. Stainless steel tags and chain with a silicone rubber silencer. One side features the team logo and 2D moulded print and the other a laser engraving of the player’s name and number. “This is a really cool product teams can get to rally around their team mission or goal.” Says Mike Rogers, President of  “Teams of all sports are looking for ways to come together and stay focused on a mission and these military style dog tags are a great way to show your team pride and wear it show you are part of something special. I think these will continue to be a hit with our clients for a long time.”  

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