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When asked about the other awards to be presented this summer by US Lacrosse, Rogers noted is creating over 13 different awards for various events and special presentations. “To be unique and different 13 different times for the same client is always a challenge, but given the national and world-wide attention given to these awards we worked hard to produce some phenomenal lacrosse awards. Our Heritage and All-American award plaques will be presented to the U-15 National Championship All-Tournament teams, and to the best players of each position at the FIL World Games. We created custom medals for the junior and senior festival games and we created something very unique and grand trophies to be presented to the U-15 National Championship teams and to the MVP of the FIL World Games. My favorite will be the medallion presented to the players selected the FIL World Championships All-World team. I think this award will be the one everyone will be talking about when it is all said and done. It will be of a design, quality, and size never before presented in the lacrosse world.”

Do not miss out on the the world’s biggest lacrosse event in history. The 2014 FIL World Games are hosted in Denver, Colorado and 38 teams from around the world will compete for the title of the world’s best. Visit for event information and tickets.


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